Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guion Segment Two

Layla had told Mick to go to Guion. It was one of the last things she said to him before she died.  She knew how lost he would be in the city, alone.

Guion was the horse ranch they owned in South Dakota. They had always intended to retire there. It was a beautiful spread with Guion Creek running through it, in the valley of the Indian.

Mick and Layla first met at a horse farm in County Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland. Mick was working as a stable hand and would occasionally give riding lessons when asked. Layla and her sister had come for lessons one Saturday morning, and for Mick, it was love at first sight. He lived for the days she would come to ride. So, after three months he finally got up the nerve to ask her to have tea with him. He was dumbfounded when she replied, " Its about time! I'll soon be penniless paying for these extra lessons hoping you'll notice me." Relieved, they both laughed and were never apart again. Mick proposed after three months, and they were married six months later. They were soul mates, meant to be together for life.

Mick planned to leave the city in one week, to be done with New York and the painful nightmare of a place it had become, filled with haunting memories. He was meeting with his legal team nearly everyday to finalize the shift of power of their conglomerate to his son Shane and as a second in command, Layla's nephew.

Even though their collective holdings had made them billions, Mick and Layla had always chosen to downplay their wealth and live a private life. They preferred to fly under the radar, knowing it was better for business and life in general.

A year ago Shane had told his father he was one of the wealthiest men in the world, there real estate holdings were international, multi layered, and valued in the billions. Mick thought, what good was all that wealth, his wife was dead, all the money in the world cannot buy life.

Mick had more meetings, he stood looking out the window of his office, at the city, and he was glad he was leaving, and glad no one outside of his own enter circle knew who he was. When he left to go to Guion, it would be a new start.

By JDen Wilson

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