Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guion Segment Three

     Mick was trying to pack. He needed to get the essentials packed for his move to South Dakota, but this was hard as it all reminded him of his wife. He finished packing what he had to have; some shirts, jeans and boots, also his personal belongings he would need and decided he would just buy the rest when he got there. He now met with Anna, they spoke about what she would do after he left. She had been their cook and house keeper for over twenty years. Now she would continue to live at the townhouse and take care of it. Mick was not ready to sell it yet, and Anna was going to start cleaning out all the belongings that no one needed now. Mick didn’t want to think about all of Layla’s things going to charity.

     The next two days were more meetings with accountants and attorneys, boring, but it did occupy his time. He worked late just so he would not have to go home. He had a long morning meeting with his son and they talked business; the big Chicago deal was pending and a decision had to be made. Shane wanted Mick to stop in Chicago on his way to South Dakota and look at the down town high rise and decide if they make an offer or not. Mick agreed this was too much money to just ignore, anyway he had always liked Chicago and looked forward to a visit to the museum. Shane tried to get his father to give up on his idea of going to South Dakota. He said he was giving up too soon and that things would get better. Going to play with horses in the wild would just bore him to death and he would be back in a month anyway. Mick just smiled at his son and said "You are probably right." He didn’t tell him he might enjoy being bored.

   That afternoon he met with the tech guys and they tried to explain how he would set up his satellite receiver for his computer after he got to the ranch at Guion. There was no cable Internet in the valley of the Indian. This gave Mick a headache and he finally told them to just print out the instructions in a simple format and get it to him before he left. He cut their meeting short, for he had a special phone call to make.

    Mick waited till most of the staff had left for the day, then he shut his office door and pressed the button for a private line. He hit the speed dial and waited. It only rang two times. The girl on the other end knew who it was. "Yes Mr McGill we have been expecting your call, please hold and I will get Katie."

    'Katie' was Katie Murphy. She owned and ran Pandora. Mick and Lalya had brought her over from Ireland 23 years ago and set her up to run Pandora. Pandora was a deep background research company that used every hi-tech gadget available to find out everything about anyone or any company. It was all done legally, but like Katie said "If they don’t have a law on the books for it, then I can do it". 

     She did to find out what Mick needed to know. Mick and Layla would not make a real estate move without Pandora first checking out the deal and all those involved. They learned very early you cannot trust sellers, agents or brokers when millions of dollars were involved. They never broke the Pandora rule: If Katie said it was a bad deal, they didn’t buy. It had saved them millions. Soon he heard a familiar voice.

    “Hello Mick, I have been waiting for your call. You want the final say on the Chicago deal.” Mick said “Yes that’s part of why I called.” Katie said, “Mick how is it for you, are you ok?” He thought how many times had he been asked that over the last three weeks. No he was not OK, but he said to Katie, “Yes I am getting along. What do you have on Chicago?” Katie said, “Right. It can be a good deal if you can get the price down. Its over priced, the mechanical is old, there are questions about the age of the roof and some new fire code regulations. The owners are over leveraged on some of their other holdings.” She paused, “I don’t need to say any more. You know what to do. I hear you are going to look at it yourself.”

     News travels fast when the circle is small, thought Mick. He said “Yes. I am going to look and make the final decision as a favor to Shane.” Katie said, “Shane knows you’re the best one to make the call.” Mick waited, Katie paused for a moment then said, “Well if that’s it Mick I need to go.” Mick said, “Wait, I still need the information on the veterinarian Jude McGuire.” Katie said, “Yes, OK here is what I can give you.”

    Mick thought, 'what she can give me'? What did that mean? He wanted to know everything. This is why he called. He already had all the Chicago info. Katie said, “Jude McGuire is a veterinarian who runs the Free animal clinic of Mifflin County Pennsylvania. She is your wife’s cousin. Jude’s father was your wife’s mother's brother. He migrated to the USA and Jude was born here in 1953. Her mother was a full blooded Lakota, American Indian. Her mother and father met at the Indian school, where he taught English.” Katie laughed and said “Only in America will they hire an Irishman to teach English to the native Indians. Well that’s all I can give you Mick.”

    Mick, was stunned. The only reason Katie couldn’t tell him more was if Jude McGuire was a client. She never crossed information on her clients. He had to ask, Katie is this Jude a client. Katie was silent, then she said, “Mick I am sorry, but I think Layla and Jude were much closer than you may have realized. I do have to go Mick. Be safe.” She hung up and did not wait for a reply. Mick was still stunned. He had no idea what had been going on.Who was this woman Jude? Why had Lalya left her such a large amount of money in her will? He had an even more important question for this Jude. He would find out. He would go there and meet Jude McGuire.

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