Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guion Segment 5

The party started early, and as was always the case at any party Mick was uncomfortable, he did not like parties, he did not enjoy parties, he did not like any crowded place. These were people he knew and liked, but still too much, noise, questions and attention, he was ready to leave 10 minutes after he got to the party. He looked around the room and found Shane, and as was always the case he was surrounded by women, and he was loving it, talking, laughing and they were all flirting.

 Mick thought, my son the ladies man, who would be his prize tonight, all he had to do was pick one, and she would follow him any where, and do any thing. Mick was glad this was not him, he ever only wanted one woman, he only loved one women, and now she was gone, and his world was lost. Mick felt something tap his shoulder it brought him back to the here and now, he turned and looked, and it was Sue, she smiled at him, and said “ Mick can I get you a drink, your just standing here all alone” Mick liked Sue she had been Layla’s secretary and friend, Mick knew she was safe, she was married, she had kids, she wasn’t after him. He smiled back and said “ yes that would be very nice, but just some water and ice, with a twist of lime, I will be driving later” Sue smiled and said “be right back” just then, and very quickly, stepping right in front of Mick was Connie, and she was on the move, Connie was a broker and her job was to be on the move, quick she grabbed Mick’s arm so he couldn’t move and got right in his face. She didn’t mince words, “Mick, sweetheart I am so alone, please do you think you could drive me home later, please, I could really use some company tonight.” Mick was not surprised, Connie had been after him for the last week, he guessed the waiting period after you bury your wife was over and now all the women were circling him like the vultures you see in those old cowboy movies. She wasn’t the only one who was on the attack, he was getting it from all sides, it was another reason to leave, and not soon enough. He smiled at her and said “ Connie I can’t I am leaving right after the party to go visit my daughter and grand kids” She said after making a sad face, but you could still come by for drink, we could talk, and I know I could cheer you up” Mick was out  of his league, and he knew it, he looked around the room for help. Thank God, Shane was watching, Mick looked at his son with the I need help face, please, Shane nodded, and turned to Brian Birk who was standing near by, Mick didn’t know what Shane said, but Brian was on his way. Brian stepped up to Connie and said, “ I need the closing numbers on that Mumford deal, now. Connie looked like she wanted too cry, but only after she beat Brian to death, she said, “ now, it can’t wait till morning, what is it about you account-rats that it’s always right now” Mick smiled, and said “ go Connie make this gentleman happy” she huffed and turned and walked away toward her office, Brian followed, he turned looked at Mick and smiled, he said “ I love my work, see you in Chicago” Mick nodded and smiled back to Brian, Mick liked Brian, thank God for Brian and Shane. Sue was back with his drink, He said “ thank you, I will miss you” he took a sip and then reached over and gave Sue a small hug, She looked back at him with shock, Mick never did anything like a hug and Sue started to cry, she said “ I will miss you too” and she turned and walked away, still crying. Mick thought, great this is going to be real fun, I have to get out of here. Mick moved to where Shane was entertaining his women, and said “ I came, I saw and now I am totally out of place, I am leaving. Shane shock his head, slowly he closed his eyes, and he just waved goodbye, he knew it was no good trying to stop Mick, he had seen him before like this, and knew, yes he was out of place. Mick set his drink down and headed for the exist, he hoped he could make it before he was stopped by someone, he made it out of the conference room where the party was, he was out to the hallway, now to grab his travel bag out of his office and then to his truck. Just then coming out of a near by office was Joel Torn, he was Layla’s nephew and now in charge, only answering to Shane. Mick thought a lot of Joel he was a great finance guy, and had a great mind for real estate. Joel greeted Mick “ Well Mick today's the big day, off on a adventure, I wish you the very best” Mick said “ thank you, it will be different and that’s what I need” Joel reach out to shake Micks hand, Mick took his hand in there familiar hand shake and said to Joel “ I guess this time I really will be doing some traveling” Joel laughed and so did Mick, Joel didn’t let go he held Mick’s hand and very seriously said “ I understand you are stopping in Pennsylvania to visit Jude” Mick was surprised, he thought how did he know that, he hadn’t even told Shane about stopping to see Jude McGuire. Mick answered, “ yes I am stopping, how did you know that” Joel smiled and said, “ she is expecting you” Mick asked “ what do you know about her” Joel was still smiling,” not much really, if I told you what I know you would just be more curious, anyway I promised her, I would say nothing” Joel let go of Mick’s hand and walked away toward the party. Mick just stood there trying to make sense of all this, this Jude person who in world was she. Mick got his bag and left, it would just take a few hours and he would be to his daughters, and he could relax, well no not with his two grand kids there, he would have to play some new game, or see a new toy, that was okay, any change would be okay.

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