Saturday, July 20, 2013

Easy Tuna "Salad"


Why the quotation marks around salad? There is not a stitch of lettuce in sight. Now, that doesn't mean you couldn't eat this easy and delicious recipe over salad. *hint hint, wink wink.*

I don't know about you but when the weather gets as hot as it has been in the Midwest there is little I want to eat that is not meant to cool me down. That means "Good bye soups!" and "Hello fresh and easy salads!".
No stove or oven required. Hallelujah!!

Fresh and Easy Tuna "Salad"

2 cans of drained tuna
2 tablespoons of mayo or light miracle whip (which is what we use here) I've also sub'd oil and vinegar
2 cored and seeded Roma tomatoes (or whatever you have on hand) chopped*
1 cucumber (peeled and seeded) chopped*
1/2 of a white onion (or whatever kind you got) chopped
salt and pepper to taste

*Why seed/core the tomatoes and the cucumber? (you maybe asking me right now) It helps eliminate excess water from taking over this otherwise fresh and yummy dish. If you don't believe me try and see what happens if you don't remove it. LOL.

Mix all of this yumminess together in a bowl and BAM! Refreshing and easy summer salad that can be eaten on its own OR over some nice crisp lettuce or spinach.

Try and stay cool. I will have more goodness for you soon.
A.D. Wilson

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